In 1906, under the terms of Treaty 9, the Crown promised to set apart reserves for each band based on one square mile of reserve land per family of five or 128 acres per person. Since 1906, there have never been any lands set apart for the use and benefit of the Missanabie Cree, and as a result, the First Nation suffered and continues to suffer significant damages. With no land base, and their traditional livelihood of hunting and fishing undermined with the creation of the Chapleau Game Preserve, the people began to leave the Missanabie area in search of economic opportunities to support their families.


The Missanabie Cree First Nation has filed a claim with Canada on the basis that they have an outstanding entitlement to land under the terms of Treaty Nine, and that both Ontario and Canada, who were signatories to the Treaty, have breached their treaty obligations by failing to set aside land for the Missanabie Cree. Canada accepted the TLE claim for negotiation under the Specific Claims policy. Discussions are continuing.


In 2010, the Missanabie Cree First Nation successfully concluded an agreement with the Government of Ontario for a land transfer of 15 square miles of Crown land in the Missanabie area. The Missanabie Cree First Nation is in discussions with the Government of Canada to have this land designated as a reserve under the Additions to Reserve Policy.  The Missanabie Cree are also negotiating with the Government of Canada for loss of use compensation under their Treaty Land Entitlement claim.


We are the Anishnabe of the Missanabie Cree First Nation

whose vision is to have a united and self-governing body

that will determine our destiny guided by the seven laws.

We have a vision of a leadership that is open, honest, trustworthy;
a leadership with conviction, accessible to the people;
a leadership that is progressive yet respectful of our traditions, values and beliefs;
a leadership with confidence, always watchful and assertive
in protecting and preserving the treaty and aboriginal rights of our people;
a leadership that is directed by our people
and with exclusive accountability to our people and our people alone.

We have a vision of our community re-established on the traditional lands
that were once the homeland of our ancestors
where institutions of our government, economy and education can once again thrive.

We have a vision of a people where individuals and families can stand strong
and find healing through tradition and spirituality;
individuals and families who are loving and compassionate.

We have a vision of a people who are bi-cultural and bi-lingual;
a people who can walk in both worlds contributing to our well-being,
the well-being of our brother and sister First Nations;
contributing and competing globally.

We have a vision of a Nation of people who respect the dignity of all;
a people who find balance through equality of all ages, male and female alike.

We have a vision of people who respect the environment,
harvesting and reaping the resources of the land in a sustainable manner
as responsible stewards for the use of future generations.

We are the Anishnabe of the Missanabie Cree First Nation
whose vision it is to regain and restore our rightful place
and through the strength of our people, never again be denied our place in society.


August 20, 1998

Missanabie Cree First Nation Vision Statement


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