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The MCFN Governance Capacity Development Project

Governance Coordinating Committee (GCC)

Kyle Bateson

Bobbi Fletcher

Lori Barber

Zach Jeffries

John Lacelle

Deb Ewing

Victoria Pezzo

Lois MacDonald, Councillor Liaison

Natalie Gauthier (Project  Coordinator) 

List of Codes/Policies

Administration Code (In Progress)

Election Code

Citizenship Code (In Progress)

Land Code (In Progress)

Chief and Council Policy (Revision In Progress)

Committee Policy

Communications Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Hiring & Employment Policy

Financial Policy

Covid-19 Policy

Recreation, Activities, & Sponsorship Policy

What the GCC Does
  • lengthy discussion over several drafts

  • agreement on wording is by consensus

  • final draft agreed to in principle by the committee

  • final drafts are forwarded to Chief and Council for their review and approval

  • agenda and minutes for each meeting are reviewed/amended and approved

How the GCC Works
  • meets by teleconference or in person in Sault Ste. Marie

  • review and updating of codes and policies

  • development of new codes and policies

  • review of relevant research, other codes and policies, including those of other First Nations

  • makes recommendations to Chief and Council re governance issues

To view the Codes and Policies you must go to the Member's Only Page


Governance Working Group 2011 - Development of Governance Strategic Plan

           Governance Working Group: Louise Campbell, Jackie Fletcher, Jason Gauthier, Archie Nolan, Chief Kim Rainville,

                                                             Lori Rainville, Nolan Rainville, Elizabeth Angeconeb (recording)

Governance Coordinating Committee - Policy and Code Development

GCC 2011- 2013 - Louise Campbell, Deb Ewing, Jackie Fletcher, Jason Gauthier, Craig Gideon, Victoria Pezzo

GCC 2013-2016 - Kyle Bateson, Deb Ewing, Jackie Fletcher, Terri Fletcher

GCC 2016-2020 - Kyle Bateson, Deb Ewing, Jackie Fletcher, Victoria Pezzo

GCC 2020 - Current - Kyle Bateson, Deb Ewing, Victoria Pezzo

[GCC members are appointed by Chief and Council]

Project Coordinator

  • Research

  • Tracking of document changes

  • Administrative support


Communication with the Membership

  • Mail-outs of draft codes/policies with opportunity to comment

  • Regular updates in the newsletter; special governance edition

  • Contact information and opportunities for feedback posted in newsletter

  • Call outs for committee members

  • Focus groups; governance workshops at the annual gatherings

  • Staff training workshops

  • Annual report to the membership


Funding Support:
Funding for the Project is provided by INAC through the Professional and Institutional Development Program. Proposals are submitted on an annual basis.
The cost of the Project is also supported through a yearly contribution by MCFN through Rama funds.

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