Jason Gauthier

Deputy Chief

Leslie Nolan




Cory McLeod
Bobbi Fletcher-Decorte
Joann Pezzo
Shawn Pine

Chief since 2013 ( Currently in 2nd term)

Councilor 2011 - 2013


Education: 4 Year Honours Degree in Sociology with a University Certificate in Social Welfare

Chief Jason Gauthier



Whachey, to all my family, extended family, friends, old and new acquaintances of Missanabie Cree First Nation.


For those who don’t know me my name is Leslie (Gee, Les) Nolan, my Indian name is Red Bear (Mishqua Mushqua). My grandfather was David Nolan and my mother was Margaret Nolan. My youth was spent in Lochalosh where I lived with my grandparents, mother, sibling, uncles and aunts. I began to work with Two Clement at a young age (10 yrs. Old) where I have continued work ever since.


I went to the school of hard knock and have worked very hard to be where I am today. For over 20 years I have owned my own business as an Owner/Operator. My truck is driven by my son Ken and is contracted to Wilson’s Truck Lines


I have been married to my understanding wife, Marion for over 41 years. We have 2 wonderful sons Ken and Neil, their wives Jen and Jaime and 3 amazing grandchildren Mackenzie, Baileigh and Adam. “Now that’s a commitment”!


Speaking of commitment, I have been committed to Missanabie Cree since being elected to Chief and Council in August 2013. Meanwhile, I hold and share the Mining, Forestry and Cultural portfolios where I feel confident I have done my due diligence in attending all the many meeting that have been asked of me.

Until recently C & C had met once a week where I only missed 1 meeting. Currently we meet every 2 weeks and I have not missed a meeting to date.


I am extending an invitation to the members of Missanabie Cree to comments, questions and or their concerns where I will do my best to address your inquiries.


As always, in spirit of our community, Chi-Miigwetch.


Leslie (Gee, Les) Nolan aka Red Bear (Mishqua Mushqua)

Deputy Chief since 2016 -2019

Councilor 2011 - 2013


Deputy Chief Les Nolan



Councilor Cory McLeod



Councilor Bobbi Fletcher-Decorte



Previous Council experience 2011-2016


Councilor Joann Pezzo



Councilor Shawn Pine



Previous Council experience 2016-2019


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