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Climate Change Conference

April 13, 2018


The goals of the Up North on Climate Conference are to

Increase attention to how the climate is changing in northern Ontario and how First Nations are being affected.

Encourage conversation and sharing of ways to adapt to the challenges of today’s climate in the north as well as to prepare for risks to the wellbeing of First Nations in the future, as the impacts of climate change become more severe.

Promote First Nation-led and collaborative initiatives that aim to protect and conserve the land and wildlife of the north in ways that recognize the rights, responsibilities, values and needs of First Nations.     

Start a network for communication and support of those involved in monitoring and reducing the risks from changing climate in northern Ontario.

Speakers, panels, workshop and round table discussion will aim to increase awareness and knowledge of topics such as flooding, invasive species, wildfire, severe storms, winter roads; impacts on peat, forests, lakes, rivers and fish, as well as migrating animals and birds; gardening; designing buildings for the climate of the future in the north; engaging young people in understanding climate; what Elders say has happened to the weather in their lifetime, and what science says our children and grandchildren are likely to experience.

Special workshops will focus on ways of monitoring the environment for signs of change on the land, and in animals and plants.    

What do you and your community’s leaders want to know about climate change ?

Bring posters or hand-outs that show the work that you are doing.





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