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Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) Community Consultation Session

August 11, 2016


To: Missanabie Cree CCP Committee and Subcommittees (Resettlement, Prosperity and Economic Development, Social and Cultural Development and Governance and Public Sector Management)


From: Michael and Judie Bopp Four Worlds Centre for Development Learning


Regarding: CCP Community Consultation Session at the Gathering August 2, 2016


Dear friends,


It's almost exactly a year since we were scheduled to meet at last summer’s gathering to review the draft of the CCP produced as a result of the working groups which you all so diligently and creatively contributed to a few months before that. You will certainly recall that on the day we were supposed to meet at the gathering, all community business was suspended because of the death of a dear community member.


Efforts were made during the past year to put the draft CCP before community members for feedback utilizing Internet and even phone calls, but it seems that for lack of money and staff, this process was not sufficiently completed to allow us to say that the community (at least those who wanted to participate) had been adequately consulted. For this reason the Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) is still in draft form and waiting for community feedback, so that we can begin implementing under a new funding cycle that will likely begin in the fall.


We are writing to invite you to participate in a consultation session at the gathering that will be held as follows


Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) Community Consultation Session

When? Thursday, August 18, 9 AM – 12 PM (noon)

Where? Missanabie Summer Gathering, Main Hall

Who should attend? Everyone, but especially CCP Committee and Subcommittee members, Leadership, Youth, and at least one representative from each family.


We are writing to you, not only to invite you to the session, but also to ask for your help in recruiting community participation. If each of you could come with a few family or community members, we could have a very lively session that will contribute the needed input that will make this plan something that truly belongs to the whole community. We realize that for these types of things you never get everybody. But, if the main activists who care about the community could be brought together, that could be really powerful.


With the elections on the immediate horizon, we want to add that this consultation session will provide an opportunity to talk about the future of the community in very concrete terms removed from any electioneering or political conflict. If we work together, we can create a circle of people from every family and faction within the community, all sharing their hopes, dreams and insights for a better tomorrow.


We are very much looking forward to seeing all of you at the gathering.


With much love and respect,

Michael and Judie

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