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MCFN Court proceedings Feb. 8 – 12, 2016 Written and submitted by: Jackie Fletcher

Judge: Honourable Thomas R. Lederer Teams: MCFN lawyers: Ron Maurice, William (Bill) Henderson & Ryan Lake Provincial lawyers: Richard Ogden, Manizeh Fancy & Vanessa Glasser Federal Lawyers: Michael Beggs, Jodi McFetridge Day 1: Opening position from the MCFN, PROVINCE AND FEDS to the court: Judge Lederer – set the parameters of how the process would flow Ron Maurice - MCFN Jean-Phillipe Chartrand – Province Alexander Von Gehert – Federal Day 2 - 5: Joint Expert Team presentations of evidence to the court MCFN Joan (Lovesek) Holmes Prov. Jean-Phillipe Chartrand Feds. Alexander Von Gernet The team met prior to court to agree to a joint information presentation agenda was in 11 points a

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